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Fuel Oil Testing

Quality control of fuel oil is an essential risk management activity for producers, traders and distributors. At SGS, we carry out full specification testing to a wide variety of standards such as ISO, EN and GOST norms or to specific contract limits.

As the market in fuel oil becomes ever more diverse and sophisticated, the need for consistent, detailed in-depth analysis will continue to grow. What was once a fairly mundane product with only basic limits defining it has grown into a tremendously complex global marketplace. The opportunities are great, but so are the risks.

SGS is here to help you turn opportunity into income while managing those risks.

Our Fuel Oil Testing Services

Fuel oil cargoes can be tested in our laboratories to any advised specification. We provide full spec testing, including:

  • Routine determination of D1160 distillation (as a stand-alone or for assessment of straight run characteristics, along with asphaltenes, bromine number, flocculation, etc) 
  • Sulfur content
  • Trace metals content (e.g. sodium vanadium, aluminum)
  • Viscosity
  • Pour point determination and density 

Our global network of laboratories provides a consistent set of analytical profile tools for interested stakeholders to use.

Fuel oil can be tested as:

  • Bunker fuel
  • A blending component
  • Feedstock
  • Power station fuel

Why SGS?

SGS is your first port of call for testing and inspection services for all types of fuel oil. Our experienced, analysts operate in modern labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Many of our lab facilities are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, ensuring that we provide analytical testing to the highest industry standards. SGS maintains laboratory quality and monitors proficiency through participation in internal and third-party round robin testing programs, internal and independent audits and rigorous training and competency compliance standards.

As a dynamic industry leader, SGS participates actively as a member of many industry bodies, standards organizations and technical working groups, such as those within IFIA, ASTM, ISO, CEN and EI. 

All SGS trade inspection nominations on oil, gas and chemical cargoes are conducted in accordance with accepted core industry standards such as API, MPMS, ASTM, UOP, GOST, EN or IP test methods and specifications as set out by ISO, CEN or any of the national and regional standards-setting bodies. Methods of analysis which have been custom-built or supplied by clients can also be used, should specifications require this. We can aid our customers in deciding on the most suitable standards to cite and/or use as a means of best supporting risk management within a transaction.

Our clients can also rely on our technical support team to provide assistance on all issues relating to working practices, standards and technologies.

Find out more about fuel oil testing services from SGS.

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