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Fuel Blending

In today's highly competitive trading environment, a flexible approach to both the contractual and physical limitations of oil commodities can give you that crucial edge over your competitors.

SGS offers specialist petroleum product blending services to help you make the best use of the raw materials available on the market. We can ensure that you maintain the highest quality for your products and are able to react quickly and positively to any changes in the market.

Why blending?

Selecting the optimal combination of components to produce the final finished product is one of the most critical economic issues for both traders and refiners. Blending is much more complicated than a simple mixing of components. Modern automotive fuel may have come from as many as 15 different hydrocarbon streams, each of which has an impact on the final specification and overall cost.

Products can be blended by different processes, such as in-line through a manifold system, by batch blending in tanks and by onboard blending into marine vessels. Each of these processes has its own benefits and challenges along with the individual expertise needed to make them work efficiently.

  • In-line blending of gasoline, distillates, jet fuel, and kerosene is accomplished by injecting proportionate amounts of each component into the main stream where turbulence promotes thorough mixing 
  • Additives including octane enhancers, metal deactivators, anti-oxidants, anti-knock agents, gum and rust inhibitors, detergents, etc. are added during and/or after blending to provide specific properties not inherent in hydrocarbons
  • Onboard blending offers many advantages to suppliers and trading organizations, giving you the opportunity to prepare a cargo to the required specifications without the need for onshore facilities. Our specialists can help you get the best results through laboratory hand blends and with the use of our own blending specific software

SGS also offers training courses in blending.

Find out more about how fuel blending services from SGS can deliver a competitive edge to your petroleum product blending operations.

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