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Field Demonstration Trials

Market better agricultural products with comprehensive field demonstration solutions that support the selection of new pesticides, fertilizers and crop varieties

Successfully launching new pesticides, crop varieties and fertilizers onto global markets can be difficult. Robust trial data lets you choose the best product candidates during development, make accurate marketing claims about performance and ensures regulatory compliance.

Demonstration trials provide the data you need to select the strongest candidates for further investigation during early-stage development – from screening platforms to small plot designs. In addition, assessments against competing products allow you to demonstrate comparative efficacy to farmers and further stakeholders.

Comprehensive field trial solutions

Our demonstration field trials use standardized operating procedures and a proven field trial documentation system and compliance stewardship program to deliver unbiased results and enable farmers to see the advantages of the new product.

We support agricultural product manufacturers with:

  • Market/sales support trials
  • Product comparison trials
  • Sequence comparison
  • Timing comparison
  • Variety demonstration
  • Seed rate demonstration
  • Variety pest interaction
  • Irrigated, enhanced conditions
  • Field demonstration trials
  • Field open days

Why choose SGS field demonstration trials?

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in agricultural field trials. Wherever you operate in the world, our network of experts and specialist field trial centers are available to support you in the development and marketing of new agricultural products.

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