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Kuwait – PCA Program

PCA Newsletters20 Dec 2022

Exporters and manufacturers of regulated products to be shipped to Kuwait must meet the requirements of the Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme (KUCAS), implemented by the Public Authority for Industry (PAI) since June 17, 2006.

About the program

The KUCAS program mandates all consignments of regulated products exported to Kuwait to obtain a Technical Inspection report (TIR) under the PAI requirements through PAI approved certification bodies like SGS.

As an accredited certification and inspection body, SGS works in close partnership with PAI. We are approved to issue Technical Inspection Reports (TIR) and Technical Evaluation Reports (TER) and can conduct product conformity assessments on your goods.

Our extensive experience in managing conformity assessment programs around the world enables us to offer efficient, comprehensive, and tailored solutions to provide assistance to exporters. We help you make sure shipments conform to KUCAS requirements.

The following services are available to exporters for compliance with the requirements, and to obtain TIRs and TERs:

  • Physical inspection prior to shipment
  • Sampling, testing and analysis in accredited laboratories
  • Audit of product manufacturing process
  • Documentary check and conformity assessment against the requirements of the applicable technical regulations and standards, for example, KSS, GSO, IEC

SGS offers a one stop service to exporters and sellers placing regulated products on the market in Kuwait. We deliver customer-focused solutions for inspection, testing and certification. Find out more about how product conformity assessment can help your business.

Recent changes

Please be advised that in line with the latest update from the Kuwait PAI, effective from April 2022, all children’s toy shipments reaching Kuwait must obtain both a Gulf Type Examination Certificate and a Technical Inspection Report (TIR) to be granted entry into the country.

SGS Gulf Limited is accredited to issue TIR for lubricants (regulated categories: engine, gear and brake fluid).

Why do you need a Certificate of Conformity? 

A Certificate of Conformity and a Technical Inspection report (TIR) from SGS are required for smooth customs clearance of consignments at destination ports and borders.

Who can apply?

Exporters/importers and manufacturers can apply to the nearest SGS office for more information, and to initiate the application.

What are the requirements for CoC?

  1. Document needed:
    1. Request for Certification
    2. Shipment invoice
    3. Product Model Safety Test reports for the items (these should be dated within three years of issuance) from an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory as per the corresponding ISO/IEC standard
    4. Applicant trade license copy
    5. G-Mark certificate (only for products regulated by GSO)


The certification process begins with the exporter applying to the SGS office.

Learn more about Kuwait – KUCAS Certification.

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