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InfoSec Essentials: Enhancement Information and IT services

To provide organizations engaged in providing IT services on maintaining information security and enhancing the effectiveness and quality of operational processes in accordance with international standards.

Implementing InfoSec Essentials, which provides a comprehensive overview of an organization's information security measures, encompasses four key areas: organizational control, personnel control, physical control, and technological control. This is aimed at improving information security and delivering efficient IT services.


By attending this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into guidelines and methods for complying with the InfoSec Essentials standards, the content is concise and easy to understand and suitable for software entrepreneurs and IT service providers to know the importance of having information security procedures in place and providing appropriate IT services that can respond to customer needs correctly, on time, and continuously to maintain maximum customer satisfaction consistently.


  • Overview of IT standards
  • What is InfoSec Essentials?
  • The assessment process: Statement of Performance (Certification)
  • What are the Key Benefits?

Target audience

This webinar is suitable for software entrepreneurs or IT service providers in Very Small Entities, SMEs, and large businesses involved in the IT business and looking for standards that will help improve IT Security for your service to meet the customers’ needs efficiently.

Language: Thai

Cost: No charge

For further information, please contact t:+6626781813 # 1835

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