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Overview of Key Change: APQP 3rd Edition and Control Plan 1st Edition for Automotive Industry

To update on the latest updated version of APQP: Advance Product Quality Planning 3rd Edition and Control Plan 1st Edition, of the automotive industry.

The updates aim to increase efficiency during the initial stages of production planning to ensure quality products and services are delivered to customers. By attending, you will learn about the significant changes made to the APQP and Control Plan, enabling you to prepare and plan effectively for future applications.


  • To understand the details change of new Advance Product Quality Planning 3rd edition and Control Plan 1st edition
  • To know how difference between old and new versions of APQP and Control Plan
  • To understand how to implement the new version of APQP and control plan effectively


  • Overview of the new edition of Advance Product Quality Planning and Control Plan
  • Program Management Change
  • Sourcing and High-risk supplier focus
  • Gate Management Process and Checklists (New)
  • New Control Plan phases (Safe Launch)
  • How to implement new edition of APQP and Control Plan
  • The Effective Timeline: New Edition of APQP and Control Plan

Target audience

The webinar is suitable for any interested party who is involved in the automotive supply chain, such as OEM, tier1, tier2, tier3, and other interested persons who are involved in APQP core teams such as Management, Quality, Production, Engineering, Planning, Sales, Logistic, Maintenance person, etc.

Language: Thai

Cost: No charge

For further information, please contact t:+6626781813 #4065, #4066

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