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Advanced Process Control

World-leading technologies to optimize plant and asset performance in the mining sector.

Optimizing plant and asset performance requires expert control and support. We combine the proven benefits of advanced control with the implementation of an expert system, advanced modeling, simulation and optimization.

Why choose advanced process control from SGS?

Our advanced process control solution improves your:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Production
  • Operational stability
  • Control performance

The heart of our advanced process control systems lies in the skillful implementation of an expert system to achieve consistent application of best operating practice and better control decisions.

Modular expert technology (MET)

We developed MET, an expert systems platform that uses advanced control technology to create and deploy real-time, mission critical expert solutions. It offers:

  • Applications for crushing, grinding, flotation and dewatering
  • Reduced implementation time and standardized best practices
  • Rule engine logic incorporating fuzzy logic and model predictive control (MPC)

Our METcam solution provides continuous monitoring of your advanced control systems, replacing the operator’s visual inspection. It includes:

  • METfroth: froth characterization in flotation cells
  • METrock: ore fragmentation measurement in ore conveyors
  • METball: counting of ball feeding for mills

Get in touch today to dive deeper into the full range of our solutions for advanced process control solutions.

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