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Operational Support

Operational, technical and quality control support for operations.

Ensuring the smooth running of process plants requires investment in a range of support services, from concentrator and plant support, to heal leaching, operation control in solvent extraction-electrowinning (SX/EW), and thermoplastics.

Our comprehensive operational support services for mining process plants include:

  • Concentrator and process plant support:
    • Sampling, sample collection and characterization with quality standards
    • Operation of on-site metallurgical labs
  • Heap leaching:
    • Staffing solutions and equipment supplies to carry out repairs, installations and redesigning of the transportation and storage system
    • Installation of modern equipment for better process efficiency and greater productivity
    • Arming, disarming and maintenance of LIX pile irrigation systems
  • Operational control in SX/EW plants:
    • Management and inspection of permanent cathodes, organic recovery management and replacement of insulators in electrometallurgy
    • Technical and operational support to aeration systems in EW warehouse
    • Technical and operational support for ventilation systems
    • Support and assisting with acid mist control on EW warehouses
  • Thermoplastics: assembly, maintenance and improvement of hydraulic systems in HDPE, LDPE, PVC and FRP of hydrometallurgical processes (i.e. LIX-SX-EQ) through:
    • Modern equipment for different pipe diameters and field work conditions
    • Inspection and repair of polymer cells
    • Installation of HDPE liners on leach heap bases
    • Coating of large ponds in HDPE liners (floors) and in settling pools or refining ponds

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