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Metallurgical Testing & Mineralogy

Comprehensive testing, optimized process flowsheet development and cost-efficient consulting solutions for mineralogy, metallurgy and mining.

Whether you work with base metals, precious metals, platinum group elements, critical minerals, bulk commodities or recycling, we offer unrivaled technical expertise and innovative solutions in metallurgy, mineralogy, process development.

Our integrated approach delivers expertise throughout the entire mining life cycle, from exploration to production optimization. With experienced scientists and engineers, we support all stages of project development (preliminary economic assessment (PEA), pre-feasibility studies (PFS) and feasibility studies (FS)), commission and operations.

We have process flowsheet development and testing capabilities, including beneficiation, comminution, flotation, and hydrometallurgy test programs, at bench and pilot plant scale.

Across the project life cycle, our advanced high-definition automated instruments and mineralogy experts enable you to understand the mineralogical composition, processing challenges, and complexities of your deposits and operations.

In addition, we are committed to local communities and support the development of sustainable and environmentally acceptable mine closure strategies, including the use of acid rock drainage (ARD).

Get in touch today to dive deeper into the full range of our metallurgical and mineralogy solutions.

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