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Digital Trust Assurance

Ensure the strictest data defense and system integrity measures with our information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection portfolio.

As organizations and consumers increasingly embrace cutting-edge technologies, from the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, cyber threats are evolving and becoming more frequent. They not only affect the targeted enterprise but also their business partners, suppliers and customers. To keep pace, organizations, individuals and nations must implement the latest protection measures to avoid hackers, data loss, lawsuits and reputational damage, among other issues.

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A protective portfolio in one place

Our Digital Trust Assurance services enable you to meet the latest standards, from ISO/IEC 27001 (information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection) to ISO/IEC 42001 (AI management system), enhancing your service, security and brand.

Combining decades of digital expertise worldwide with the latest knowledge of trends and technologies, we support your digitization, security implementation, business continuity and supply chain security – whatever your business type, size and location.

Safe, secure protection

We enable you to:
  • Assess information security across your organization
  • Meet and exceed cybersecurity thresholds
  • Embrace AI quickly and safely
  • Deliver precise privacy protection, handling and storing the correct data securely
  • Ensure business continuity, especially during high-risk situations
  • Plan, implement and minimize risk when adopting advanced technologies
  • Strategize and deploy optimal security measures
  • Comply with key international, national and local legislation and regulations

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