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Introduction to GMP & HACCP

Don’t miss our experts in a live webinar as they share the ‘path to certification’ for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). With complex global food supply chains, safety is a priority and these standards are in place to ensure safety at every stage.

From farm to table, food products can encounter a number of safety hazards throughout their journey along the supply chain. Thus, it is necessary to implement safe food handling practices and procedures at every stage of food production in order to mitigate these risks and prevent harm to consumers.

Given that food is amongst the most traded products globally, the food supply chain will only continue to increase in scale and complexity, which is precisely why food safety compliance has never been more important. Globally recognized standards, such as GMP and HACCP, are fundamental as they pave the way for process optimization and consumer protection.


During this webinar, we will take the viewer through what we like to call a 'path to certification'. Both standards will be briefly introduced and an explanation will be given for how they build upon each other. We will specifically walk you through what to include in your food plan, how to do a full risk assessment outlining the 7 principles of HACCP, how to implement preventive control measures, as well as data management and reporting.


  • Introduction to GMP and HACCP
  • GMP and the Food Plan
  • How to conduct a risk assessment
  • Implementing preventive control measures
  • Data management and reporting
  • How HACCP and GMP segues into GFSI
  • Q&A

For further information, please contact:

Michelle Lee
Marketing Specialist, Food
t: +1 201 508 3065

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