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Dealing with food fraud - Authentication solutions for brand protection amid changing consumer behavior

This webinar, presented by SGS, is a comprehensive description of the current trends in food fraud and the emerging risks driven by changing consumer behavior, with an in-depth analysis of authentication solutions and their benefits.


The objective of this webinar (45-minute presentation/15-minute Q&A) is to provide a global perspective of food fraud and its basic principles, as well as to bring attention to the indirect consequences of economically motivated adulteration on products, brands, values, consumer choices and behavior.

Stepping beyond previous discussions about food fraud, these long-term impacts are evaluated in order to understand the context of appropriate actions by the stakeholders. To this end, analytical authentication solutions are under focus and presented in practical examples.


  • Terms and definitions: Do we know what is what?
  • Why food fraud is not only about detection or prevention: current and future trends and risks
  • Relevance of food fraud with a company’s quality assurance, finances, marketing and brand protection
  • How authentication solutions can help gain advantages and benefits to each segment
  • Take-home messages
  • Q&A


Food fraud has grown rapidly due to the current conditions in the food market: complexity of the supply chains and consumer demand for high quality and authentic food. The impact of food fraud on the food industry has been evident through various incidents as well as measureable figures. Nevertheless, this was only the triggering factor that incurred a discussion which unveiled the extent of the phenomenon worldwide.

In today’s complex and global supply chains, the issue of brand reputation and brand protection has been in focus more than ever. Recent studies added further insights into what is the current trend of the changing consumer behavior due to the available knowledge and intelligence about food fraud. This change is recognized as one of the most prominent future risks for the value of brands and the integrity of the whole sector.

Economically motivated adulteration is not to be considered solely a quality assurance problem for a company, but a global influencing factor of the food market, shaping decisions, values, brand reputations and corporate strategies. In this environment, the food industry looks for new innovative ways to communicate the principles of integrity to the consumer and analytical authentication solutions have a definite role to play in this.


David Psomiadis: Head of Laboratory/Business Development Manager of Imprint Analytics, a partner laboratory of SGS

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at food manufacturers, retailer/supermarket chains, processors and food/food ingredients suppliers: Quality Assurance Managers, Marketing Managers, Integrity Managers, Corporate Social Responsibility Managers, CEOs, Risk Managers and Brand Protection Managers.

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