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Cyber Security Concept 2

Information Security for the Medical Device Industry

Create a solid foundation for cybersecurity and data privacy.
Automation Manufacturing

Production Line Compliance Assurance

Learn more about production line compliance assurance and how we work at SGS, with example methodology and case studies.
SGS KN The Evolution of Data Privacy How We Arrived at the GDPR and Europrivacy EN

The Evolution of Data Privacy – How We Arrived at the GDPR and Europrivacy

Journey with our experts as they provide a brief history of data privacy and then define modern data privacy and data security, and discover how we arrived at the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Europrivacy™/®. 
Detection of Counterfeit Microchips and Electronic Components

Detection of Counterfeit Microchips and Electronic Components

This white paper explores how you can avoid counterfeit microchips and electrical components and ensure that the promised quality is delivered.
Trucks on Highway

Road and Highway Services

Personal Protective Equipment with Construction Background

Life Cycle Assessments for Products and Services

Customers, clients and consumers want to know about the environmental performance of products. Because of this, drawing up a life cycle assessment is becoming more and more important. This white paper will show you how to put one in place.
Worker Painting a Tank Oil Surface in Green

Avoid Costly Unsubstantiated Sustainability Claims – Exploring Greenwashing and Ways to Prevent It

Greenwashing is a real threat to organizations. This white paper outlines the importance of sustainability and ESG, greenwashing and its consequences and ways to avoid it, key legislation, green marketing, how we can help and more.
Big Data Connection Technology Concept

Trustworthiness of AI

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) systems is progressing rapidly and so is their adoption in many industries, products and services.

Supply chain internationalization, risks and legislation – how experts, technology and customized audits are key

Supply chains face ever-evolving challenges. This white paper outlines some complex issues, risks and penalties for breaches, the importance of transparency and several pieces of legislation, as well as how we can support you.
Chef Hands Preparing Delicious Cold Pasta Salad on the Table Closeup

Comparing Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Recognized Standards

This document aims to provide an overview of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and what it means for an international food safety standard to be GFSI-recognized.

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