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MOSH & MOAH Testing in Food

Ensure food products are not contaminated by mineral oils during production, storage or packaging.
SGS Preserved Food Testing Laboratory Callao Peru

Mineral oil fractions in food can contain saturated (MOSH) and aromatic (MOAH) hydrocarbons. These must be monitored as they, especially MOAH, have been linked to adverse health effects. This is particularly true in high fat products.

Contamination can occur during various stages of the value chain, from production to packaging and storage.

Identify mineral oil fractions

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for the identification of both MOSH and MOAH. This information can also be used to indicate the potential source of the issue.

Our scope covers different types of food (low to high fat), food packaging and contact materials. We use advanced methodologies to confirm positive traces and, if required, can characterize the substance’s class. Characterization enables a distinction between industrial and naturally occurring factions and it also provides evidence of the potential source of the contamination.

SGS MOSH MOAH Laboratory Berlin Germany
SGS Preserved Food Testing Laboratory Callao Peru

Why choose SGS MOSH/MOAH analysis solutions for food?

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in food testing. Our experts are experienced in the analysis of mineral oils, utilizing the latest technologies to provide accurate, trusted results that reduce risk in the value chain.

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