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Demonstrate sustainability in the production of sugarcane products and derivatives

Build trust in sugarcane products through compliance to an internationally recognized standard.

Consumers are increasingly looking for assurance that food products and biofuels come from sustainable and responsible sources.

Developing out of the Better Sugarcane Initiative Certification, Bonsucro is an association of sugarcane producers and downstream processors that aim to ensure a sustainable future for sugarcane production through socially and environmentally responsible initiatives.

Benefits of Bonsucro certification

Certification through Bonsucro provides transparent proof that a range of sugarcane products – ethanol, sugar, molasses, bagasse, etc. – are produced under robust sustainability practices. It covers everything from sugar produced for agriculture and food through to biofuels and bioplastics.

The Bonsucro standard is also approved by the European Commission to meet the sustainability requirements outlined in the European Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC). Certification allows you to produce and sell biofuels that count towards an EU member’s renewables targets.

Certification audits assess key production indicators such as energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. They also consider regulatory compliance, labor rights, a continued secure local food supply and other human factors that may impact local communities.

Bonsucro is an exciting step forward for the sugarcane and biofuel industries. Certification will give your business the edge over competitors while still meeting the changing demands of consumers.

Why choose SGS?

We are a trusted global leader in audit and certification services and hold accreditation for the delivery of Bonsucro certification. Our network of auditors is experienced in all aspects of sugarcane production and sugar and biofuel supply chains. They understand local and international regulations and guidelines and will support you with solutions that enable continuous improvements in operations.

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