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Rail services from SGS – a range of services to support rail operations throughout the supply chain.

The rail industry requires solutions that ensure both safety and optimal performance. As projects grow more complex and encompass various subsystems, such as rolling stock, control-command, signaling systems, energy, and infrastructure, the challenges become complex. With our in-depth expertise in quality and safety processes, coupled with subsystem-specific knowledge, we serve the various segments of the railway industry, enabling you to efficiently navigate these complexities – from conception to maintenance.

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Our rail transportation services

We offer a broad range of services for the railway industry to help manufacturers, component suppliers, infrastructure managers, operators, leasing companies, and maintenance providers deliver projects and ensure the continued performance of their business.


We provide the following railway technical and safety certifications:

  • Railway technical certification: NOBO/DEBO
  • Railway safety certification: ISA/ASBO

Conception engineering design

Our conception engineering design services include:

  • Project management
  • Technical assistance
  • Design conformity review
  • RAMS safety management
  • Project quality management
  • Verification and validation
  • Cybersecurity

Installation testing commissioning

Our installation testing commissioning services include:

  • Equipment and materials lab testing
  • Shop inspection – FAI
  • Acceptance tests - FAT / SAT
  • Installation supervision
  • Functional testing
  • System integration testing
  • Commissioning and acceptance

Manufacturing procurement

Our manufacturing procurement services include:

  • Supply chain assurance
  • Productivity and operations improvement
  • Advanced supplier management
  • Product conformity

Operation and maintenance

Our operation and maintenance services include:

  • Safety management system
  • Asset integrity management
  • Maintenance management system
  • Operative & maintenance plans
  • Risk management
  • RAMS operational key indicators
  • Life cycle costs

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