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Testing Services

Ensure your projects, products, processes and operations meet and exceed quality and compliance standards with testing services and quality audits from SGS.

With over 140 years of excellence, we are a world-leading provider of independent laboratory testing and quality audits. Our comprehensive range of testing services is designed for industries worldwide. Our commitment to upholding the highest standards ensures that your projects, products, processes and operations meet and exceed stringent market regulations, standards and quality benchmarks.

Trusted third-party testing services

As a trusted provider of third-party evaluation, our expert teams provide unparalleled global experience across all sectors. We deliver thorough and reliable quality assessments that your stakeholders can depend on. Through our extensive expertise, we ensure that all aspects of your business adhere to the necessary compliance and quality standards.

Explore our wide range of solutions

Discover our extensive array of tailored solutions, each designed to address the specific demands of rigorous evaluation and auditing requirements. Whether you require detailed quality assessments, regulatory compliance checks, or specialized industry-specific evaluations, our services are structured to support your business's pursuit of excellence.

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