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Vibration Measurement

Vibration measurement for wind turbines from SGS – avoid damaging downtime and loss of revenue.

To ensure your wind farm provides optimum productivity, maintaining the reliability of your wind turbines is essential. Vibrations can cause damage to drive trains and lead to unexpected repair costs and loss of revenue due to operational downtime. Our vibration measurement service checks vibrations to help you optimize energy yield by monitoring the efficient operation of your wind turbines. 

Why choose wind turbine vibration measurement from SGS?

Our vibration measurement service checks vibrations by installing sensors on the main bearing, gearbox, and generator, to help you:

  • Detect potential failures on bearings and gears
  • Detect misalignment of the drive train between the generator and gearbox
  • Pin-point specific defects and damage to components that need attention
  • Plan necessary repair work during scheduled downtime and periods of low wind speeds
  • Ensure continuous, efficient operation of your wind farm

Trusted Vibration Measurement from a Global Leader in Renewable Energy

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, our global network of accredited experts offers you unsurpassed experience in the renewable energy sector. Our dedicated, in-house wind energy competence center and unique global reach enable us to provide you with inspection and certification of offshore wind farm projects across the globe.

Our vibration measurement for wind turbines includes:

  • Measurement of vibrations at the drive train
  • Analysis of the measurement data
  • Detailed reporting of vibration measurement
  • Expert advice for dealing with any problem areas found

To discuss how our vibration measurement services can help you ensure continuous, efficient operation of your wind farm, contact us today.

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