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Supplier Audit Programs

Properly managing your suppliers protects your brands and your reputation by ensuring that these partners in your supply chain consistently comply with your high standards of quality, safety, security or environmental and social matters and actively support your values.

The Supplier Audit Program by SGS provides your large or small organization with a valuable tool for regularly auditing the compliance or performance of your suppliers, while leaving you free to manage your operation. The program consists of 2nd party audits, customized audit solutions or third-party certification based on your needs.

SGS is a globally recognized leader in audit and verification services for a broad range of industries. Our highly qualified auditors provide comprehensive supplier audits based on your needs and specifications. We provide you with the independent set of eyes and ears that assure you that your suppliers are maintaining the quality standards you have set. Our auditors not only have the specific industry and business knowledge relevant to your organization, but are also immediately operational and more cost-effective than developing your own equivalent internal supplier audit team.

An independent Supplier Auditing Program from SGS gives you the improved bottom line and peace of mind that comes from knowing that a world leader is verifying the performance of your suppliers. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from the SGS Supplier Audit Program.

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