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Homologation in e-Mobility

Support, advice and testing – worldwide expertise in homologation, including regulations and legislation for electric and autonomous cars.

At SGS, our expert teams can support, advise and accompany you in the area of worldwide type approvals. We can help from the earliest stages of development and can determine the legal requirements and carry out the necessary testing to achieve approval for your target market.  

Additionally, we can also take care of any procedures required by authorities such as KBA or NSAI and assist in the preparation of the description portfolio – an important part of homologation.  

E-mobility Homologation Services from SGS

E-mobility homologation services help you to gain approvals for components, systems and/or vehicles on the basis of EC guidelines/ordinances and ECE regulations, national road traffic regulations (StVZO) and any further international legislation.  

We can advise on new vehicle concepts, legal specifications, the scope of the tests required and even execute these tests if required. Lastly, we can assist in preparing the manufacturer documentation required for different markets.

Consultation and Support

We offer support throughout the entire approval process. Our homologation services include:

  • Ascertainment of the technical and legal requirements of the respective target markets
  • Determination of the required scope of testing and approval
  • Planning and efficient execution of tests
  • Interpretation of the specifications (interpretation through public authorities)
  • Support in preparation of manufacturer documentation
  • COP Tests (production conformity)
  • Advice with regard to manufacturer suitability within the framework of the type-approval procedure

Testing and Approval Service

As a technical service provider, SGS is designated in well over 350 national and international testing procedures.

Designated Testing Procedures

Our designations cover the three EC framework directives 2007/46/EG, VO(EU)167/2013 and VO(EU)168/2013, with all accompanying single right acts, as well as the equivalent ECE regulations and the stipulations of the national road traffic regulations (StVZO).

Within the framework of EC guidelines/ordinances and ECE regulations, we conduct testing on the basis of physical or virtual procedures:

  • Passenger cars and buses (class M), trucks (Class N) and trailers (class O)
  • Vehicles for special purposes (for example mobile cranes, motor homes)
  • Motorcycles and light 3 or 4-wheeled vehicles (class L) 4-wheeled vehicles (class L)
  • Agricultural and forestry tractors (class T)
  • Parts, components, independent technical units
  • Multi-level type-approvals for example for body manufacturers
  • Small series type-approvals
  • Single vehicles in accordance with Section 13 EC FGV

Within the framework of the national road traffic regulations (StVZO), we examine:

  • Agricultural and forestry tractors (Vmax > 40 km/h)
  • Agricultural and forestry trailers
  • Self-propelled or attached machinery
  • Special vehicles outside of the EC framework directives
  • Vehicle parts (ABE/ABG)

Our experienced specialists conduct tests globally in:

  • SGS test laboratories
  • External laboratories, such as manufacturers' laboratories, provided they meet the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements (contact us for an evaluation of the suitability of your laboratory)

We will issue the required certificates based on the results of our testing and carry out the approval process on your behalf with the European (KBA, NSAI) and non-European authorities.

Why choose SGS?

It is important to guarantee conformity to the technical requests of target markets, especially in the case of new technologies. SGS is a member of myriad committees and bodies who develop standards or define the requirements of innovative technologies. With our knowledge of current global trends and developments, we are ideal partners for manufacturers worldwide.

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