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Food Microbiology

Get accurate and reliable food microbiology analysis through state-of-the-art laboratory testing.

Food safety and quality are of utmost importance. Microbiology testing ensures the foods we consume are free from the harmful microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts, parasites, etc. – that cause foodborne illnesses. Rigorous testing detects and quantifies these microorganisms. It provides vital information to allow food manufacturers, regulators and consumers to make informed decisions and apply risk reduction strategies that prevent outbreaks and protect public health.

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Comprehensive solutions

We offer the full range of food microbiology testing services, delivered through a global network of state-of-the-art laboratories. Utilizing the latest methodologies and techniques, our highly trained experts will detect and identify the microorganisms that can spoil food and may pose a risk to human health. We cover a broad spectrum of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts and parasites, as well as other indicator and spoilage microorganisms.

Our testing procedures can be applied to a diverse range of food products – fresh produce, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood and processed food –  and encompass both qualitative and quantitative methods. Through advanced molecular techniques such as PCR and DNA sequencing, we can determine the presence/absence of even the most elusive specific microorganisms, before measuring their levels in a sample.

Why choose SGS microbiology testing services for food?
We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in food testing. Our global network of experts work closely with clients in a variety of sectors – manufacturers, restaurants, retailers, regulators, etc. – creating tailored solutions that meet specific needs and regulatory requirements. All laboratories adhere to strict quality control standards, providing solutions that offer accuracy and reliability with rapid turnaround times.

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