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Autonomous Driving Solutions

Supporting the automotive industry in the development, approval and application of new tests, new standards and new technology for automated driving and autonomous vehicles.

The advancement of automated driving and autonomous vehicles has posed new challenges to the automotive industry in terms of reliable functionality and necessary safeguards. New test methods and corresponding regulations must be developed, as well as industry-wide standards to allow the safe introduction of new technologies and automated driving on our streets and in our cars.  

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Meeting The Challenges of Autonomous Driving

SGS is helping to meet these challenges by:

  • Defining new methodologies for the assessment of automated and connected technologies
  • Evaluating functional safety and cybersecurity in real environments, using holistic, cross-disciplinary procedures
  • Assisting the application of artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • Facilitating efficient homologation and approval of autonomous vehicles

Working with leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, our experts are involved from the very beginning in the creation and implementation of normative requirements, e.g., ISO 26262 (functional safety), ISO/SAE 21434 (cybersecurity), as well as specific standards for highly automated and autonomous driving.  

We have extensive experience with the evaluation and testing of modern driver-assistance systems and other complex electronics, including the system-side application of artificial intelligence. We evaluated and approved the first system according to SAE Level 3 for series production. We are also active in defining regulations with regard to legal framework conditions in the relevant international committees.

With our interdisciplinary and closely networked global team, we help makers of highly automated and autonomous vehicles to meet these new challenges with the following areas of expertise:  

Why choose SGS as your partner in autonomous driving?  

As the world’s leading testing and verification company, with decades of experience in the automotive industry, we are your perfect partner for the development of safe, secure, compliant and reliable highly automated and autonomous vehicles.

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