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Sports Solutions Driving Success in the Sports Market

How can you increase the success of your sports business or organization by ensuring safety, sustainability and integrity?

How can you make your sports business or organization more successful?

Safety, sustainability and integrity are essential for success in today's global sports market. The market is changing, and commercial sponsors are no longer satisfied with branding and signage rights. With the public now more environmentally and socially aware than ever, sponsors are seeking associations that enhance their reputations while providing true business alignment benefits.

To obtain commercial sponsorship as well as public support, today's federations, leagues, teams and sports must engage in safe, sustainable and honest practices in everything they do.

Why choose SGS sports solutions?

SGS sports solutions are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. We can help you to increase productivity and reduce risk, making your brand more attractive to sponsors. We offer:

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Compliant, industry benchmarked products 
  • ROI on quality assurance and risk management

We can help with:

  • Venue construction and infrastructure
  • Bidding, sustainability and health and safety for major events
  • Hospitality and merchandising
  • Equipment testing, inspection, auditing certification and training
  • Data transmission testing, data security, and timing and results verification 
  • Risk management

Our sports solutions can be used by:

  • Sports federations and associations
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Commercial rights holders
  • Bid cities and national or state governments
  • Tourism agencies
  • Venue promoters
  • Sports teams
  • Stadium and land owners
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Licensed merchandisers and brand sponsors
  • Hoteliers and hospitality operators linked to sports venues 
  • Gaming and betting operators

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