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Quality Management

How can you assure consistent quality of your products, services and processes and minimize quality risks?

Quality is at the root of all sustainable business. It reinforces a strong brand in the marketplace, encourages customer loyalty, and ensures the viability of a business.

From planning, control and assurance through to improvement, quality management is about much more than product or service quality. It is about how to achieve quality, maintain and improve it. Quality management systems are important for all businesses, whatever their size or complexity.

Regardless of the product produced, service provided or project managed, organizations have to comply with statutory, corporate and/or customer-driven quality requirements to succeed. Quality issues related to product characteristics, service performance or operational activities may cause significant financial losses. Moreover, to drive a sustainable business it is important to constantly improve performance, look ahead to new market challenges and meet new customer needs.

With extensive experience and expertise in quality management we understand the issues that may be encountered and how to overcome them.

Practical tools

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, certification and testing company, we offer you unrivaled experience in Russia. At SGS, we understand the issues and offer a range of practical tools that enable our clients to manage quality:

  • Inspection services focusing on product quality throughout the whole supply chain from production of raw material to delivery of finished product
  • Laboratory testing of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, including representative sampling
  • Verification of construction works quality
  • Second party audits focusing on conformity assessment of business processes against corporate, voluntary and mandatory standards
  • Product conformity assessment/certification against EAEU Technical Regulations, European Directives as well as mandatory requirements of a range of countries
  • Management Systems Certification against international quality standards including ISO 9001 and IATF 16949
  • Training courses for QMS auditors (including Internal Auditor and Lead Auditor), QMS implementation courses

Quality at every step

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of devising and implementing quality management solutions, at every step of the supply chain, mean we can help you to:

  • Minimize the risk of non-compliance with customers or regulators requirements with regard to quality and the risk of product recalls
  • Verify compliance with regulators, customers and partners requirements
  • Ensure an appropriate quality level in a network of affiliates, distributors and franchisees
  • Enhance effectiveness of processes in an organization
  • Boost customer and consumer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve image and create competitive advantage

Contact our quality management experts to discuss the tools you need to manage the quality of your products, services and processes.

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