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Confirming Product Performance Reliability and Safety

Can you back up your product claims to confirm performance, reliability and safety?

As living standards continue to rise in markets around the world, people are becoming more aware of consumer issues surrounding product quality. In addition, governments are introducing more stringent regulations to protect people from the potential health and safety risks posed by products.

To remain competitive, manufacturers and retailers must meet the demands of increasingly discerning customers by providing products that are safer, more usable and accessible for consumers. Certification and risk-oriented testing and marking help companies to achieve competitive edge by ensuring, confirming and demonstrating product quality and safety.

Confirming Performance, Reliability and Safety with SGS

Our performance, reliability and safety marking program verifies the ability of a product to function at required parameters under various conditions throughout its lifetime, while confirming its safety properties. We also offer intensive testing of specific samples to ensure that failures only occur in the lab and not in your customer’s hands. Furthermore, our services can be adapted to perform testing to manufacturer or retailer specific performance requirements.

Reliability Testing

Our reliability testing services ensure that your product works as expected – in both normal and unusual situations. Such tests enable producers and retailers to estimate a product’s life span and identify the causes of failures.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is not related to any directives and in most cases is carried out at the end of the product development stage, after all other tests have been completed successfully. We offer a comprehensive survey, verifying all relevant test protocols and certificates.

Safety Testing

Our safety testing ensures compliance with relevant specifications, directives and regulations related to the safety requirements for your product. It ensures your product does not pose any dangers to your clients.

World-Leading Management System Expertise

As a world-leading provider of performance, reliability and safety management system certification, we can help you:

  • Identify issues, reduce the risk of product recalls and cut development costs
  • Confirm your commitment to quality, build your brand image and boost confidence amongst clients and consumers through independent, third-party verification and quality marks
  • Measure performance, reliability and safety against standards and regulations that are applicable in specific markets
  • Lower costs associated with in-warranty and after-sale product failures
  • Perform comparisons against competitor products, using benchmark information
  • Find out the real capacity of your product

To discuss how our performance, reliability and safety marking program can help you, contact us today.

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