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ISO 14064-1 Verification – Quantify and Report Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Removals

Verify your organizational carbon footprint with an ISO 14064-1 verification audit from SGS.

Quantify and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals at organization level with an ISO 14064-1 audit from SGS.

Organizational carbon footprint verification

More countries and businesses are pledging to stop climate change by reducing GHG emissions to achieve net zero by 2050.

To accomplish this, your organization must measure and report its carbon footprint. ISO 14064-1 carbon assessment verification can help you to understand your current situation and ways to improve.

What is ISO 14064-1?

The international standard specifies organization-level principles and requirements for quantifying and reporting GHG emissions and removals.

ISO 14064-1 requirements cover the design, development, management, reporting and verification of an organization’s GHG inventory.

The ISO 14064 series is GHG program neutral. If a GHG program applies, that program’s requirements are additional to those of the ISO 14064 series.

What is carbon footprint verification?

To calculate your carbon footprint, you must collect data on emissions caused by your organization’s activities, products and services.

Once collected, we can independently verify its accuracy and your carbon footprint. This will help you to understand the level of emissions you need to reduce and/or offset to become carbon neutral.

Carbon footprint verification (CFV) is essential to providing credibility and reassuring stakeholders that your carbon footprint is accurate, absolute and compliant with major GHG reporting standards.

Why measure your carbon footprint?

Measuring your carbon footprint enables you to:

  • Manage carbon risk exposure and identify improvement areas
  • Prepare for future GHG legislation
  • Increase efficiency and decrease costs through reduced energy consumption
  • Enhance credibility by demonstrating environmental responsibility
  • Engage and encourage employees to get involved in reduction efforts

What are the benefits of CFV standards?

CFV standards enable you to:

  • Confirm compliance – show stakeholders that your carbon footprint is transparent and credible
  • Demonstrate improvement – precise and consistent monitoring and reporting to demonstrate improvement over time
  • Increase sales – create a competitive advantage and support tendering requirements
  • Save money – calculate your carbon footprint to help reduce your energy consumption
  • Manage reputational risks – show that data is reliable and robust to withstand scrutiny
  • Enhance your reputation – transparency increases stakeholder and consumer confidence
  • Journey toward carbon neutrality – best practice calculation allows you to focus on other matters and avoid buying more offset credits than needed

Aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

ISO 14064-1 contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals 9 and 13.

How can SGS help?

As the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, with decades of experience, we can help you along the path to certification with an ISO 14064-1 audit. Your audit can include a gap assessment and benchmarking. We will determine your competency and provide advice on how to achieve ongoing improvement.

We also have a range of complementary services, including:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Carbon Accounting and Reporting Training Course
  • Module 2 – ISO 14064-1 and GHG Protocol Training Course (Integrated)
  • Module 3 – ISO 14064-3 Training Course (GHG Verification and Validation)
  • Modules 1-4 – Greenhouse Gases Lead Verifier Training Course
  • Preparing GHG Balance Sheets in Accordance with RED ll Training Course

To discuss your ISO 14064-1 requirements, contact us today.

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