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Food Sampling

At source aseptic sampling to ensure compliance with product specifications and regulatory requirements.

Products must be properly sampled and evaluated to ensure conformity with customer and food safety program requirements. Independent sampling along supply chains – from raw ingredient suppliers to retailers – by a globally recognized service provider ensures compliance and builds trust in your products.

Food Safety and Quality Control

Sampling at source

We provide a comprehensive range of fully customizable food sampling solutions to help ensure products conform to your specifications. Sampling at source reduces time, saves money and simplifies the process of rejecting products that fail to meet defined standards. It can be conducted at a wide variety of locations, from retail stores and quick service restaurants, to warehouses, production facilities and farms.

Our global network of highly trained specialists can be trusted to aseptically sample products at source, using recognized sampling procedures and globally recognized sampling plans.

Why choose SGS food sampling services?

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in global food supply chains. Wherever you source food products from, our network of sampling specialists is ready to support you with trusted solutions that reduce risk while ensuring compliance.

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