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Food Inspection Data Management

Evaluate trends in supplier product quality via a user-friendly online dashboard.

Inspections generate multiple data points. Reviewing physical reports containing this data to determine product conformity is difficult and time-consuming. It also makes it hard to assess trends, making your supply chain management system reactive and not proactive.

Using an effective data management system enables the rapid assessment of a product against a defined specification. Data can also be analyzed to identify trends, enabling the quick formulation of a mitigation strategy that ensures food safety and quality standards are continuously maintained and improved.

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Online data management

We offer a highly effective inspection data management system that incorporates a user-friendly online dashboard and enables visible conformity assessment and advanced trends analysis. Our system is fully customizable, allowing you to assess which suppliers, factories and even countries may fail to meet your defined standards.

Using this proactive approach to data management and assessment, you will be able to spot what products, countries, factories and/or suppliers may require corrective action to improve food safety and quality.

Why choose SGS inspection data management?

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the global food sector. Wherever you operate in the world, our solutions let you improve product safety and quality while reducing costs and risk in supply chains.

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