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Customized Food Supplier Audits

Assess your supply chain performance against your specific requirements and/or industry standards using the SGS customized supplier audit solutions.

Your success depends on the products, processes and services of a wide group of people – logistics experts, brokers, packaging companies and ingredient and product manufacturers. Failure to meet defined standards by just one of these businesses could result in harm to customers and/or damage to your reputation.

Beverage Supply Chain

Ensure suppliers meet your standards

We provide a comprehensive range of tailored auditing solutions to ensure food supply chain and trading partners conform to chosen criteria and international standards for quality, safety, environmental, occupational and social responsibility. Our experts work with you to develop an effective program that ensures compliance with predefined parameters, enabling you to continuously monitor and improve supply chain standards.

Our solutions provide an accurate and independent assessment of how closely and consistently your benchmarks are being met. This data can then be used to reduce risk while driving improvements in efficiency and profitability.

Customized auditing solutions:


  • Validate supplier compliance
  • Improve supply chain efficiency
  • Ensure customer expectations are met
  • Protect brand’s reputations
  • Develop more sustainable relationships between supplier and client
  • Bring transparency to global networks
Why choose SGS customized food supplier audits?
We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in global food supply chains. Our expert team of auditors is ready to assess the compliance of any company in your supply chain against defined standards. Work with us to reduce risk and optimize outcomes wherever you operate in the world.

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