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Climate Check & Impact Assessment

Optimize yields and demonstrate sustainability in agricultural practices with comprehensive climate check and impact assessment solutions.

Optimize yields while showing your commitment to sustainable farming.

Brands and consumers are increasingly moving towards environmentally friendly agricultural producers in response to the climate crisis and the need for greater sustainability in production. The agricultural sector has the difficult task of finding ways to mitigate the immediate impact of climate change while also ensuring global food security for future generations.

Our solution

We offer a comprehensive climate check and impact assessment service to help you optimize yields and reduce environmental impact.

Using a science-based approach, we monitor your agricultural business or supply chain for factors such as carbon emissions and sequestration, GHG emissions, animal and soil health and animal husbandry, including nutrition, stocking density, welfare and housing arrangements. Our service will also consider aspects such as grassland management, grass crop cycles, fertilizer and pesticide use, water use and management and energy sourcing. 

This solution utilizes accepted methodologies to ensure accuracy and advanced IT platforms to analyze and present data in ways that enable you to work smart. Operating in this way you will be able to reduce and replace farming practices with a negative impact on climate, decrease resource inputs and optimize yields.

Environmental claim substantiation

Consumers and buyers now want to see evidence that supports environment claims. Food producers need to be confident that the ingredients in their products will meet sustainability claims.

Our climate check & impact assessment service helps you confirm sustainability claims. It builds trust in your monitoring systems and allows you to operate more effectively in regulated global markets.

Why choose the SGS climate check & impact assessment service?

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the global food supply sector. Wherever you operate in the world, our global network of experts is ready to support you with advanced climate check and impact assessment solutions that ensure you work smart to improve sustainability and optimize yields. 

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