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Leaves with Chemical Elements

SGS To Expand Its Plant Genotyping Services to Brookings, USA

From October 2022, SGS's Brookings laboratory in South Dakota will provide key plant genotyping services.

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Soil Testing

DNA Screening and Comprehensive Microbiome Analysis for New Agricultural Products

SGS can now analyze the impact of biostimulants, pesticides and seed treatment solutions on the soil microbiome community.

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orig bee flying Pexels

SGS InsectScan: Monitoring Insects Through DNA

SGS is now using forensic methods to monitor insect biodiversity.

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SGS Chemical Laboratory Testing in Hürth Germany

Expansion of GLP Testing Capabilities at Hürth, Germany Laboratory

The laboratory’s new capabilities allow us to perform safety studies for a variety of commercially relevant polymers used in agrochemicals and seed treatment products.

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Trial on Maize in Progress

SGS Kenya Accreditation Renewal and Extension

SGS in Kenya can now offer more extensive crop protection trial services.

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Soil mapping field

Soil Mapping: Improving Heavy Metal Monitoring

Learn how soil mapping identifies harmful heavy metals.
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Rows of Plants Growing in Greenhouse

The Importance of Investing in Laboratory Analysis for Greenhouse Production

Why it is important to perform regular testing to protect your plants’ health.
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Scientist Testing in Lab

SGS Opens New Soil and Leaf Tissue Laboratory in Thessaloniki, Greece

Our new laboratory in Thessaloniki will support the Greek farming industry.

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Developing Pesticides for Drone Application

Discover how SGS field trials help pesticide manufacturers develop products that can be applied using drones.
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Wide Field

Extending Our Bulgarian Field Research Capabilities

SGS opens a new field station at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
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