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Site Selection and Patient Recruitment

Site selection and patient recruitment from SGS – essential planning to help you select the right sites for your clinical trial.

Site identification and selection are critical components of your clinical trial. A successful site selection process directly impacts on your primary trial objectives, as well as your overall development plan. Our site selection and patient recruitment services help drive the success of your study by ensuring that timelines, subject recruitment and overall retention run smoothly.

Site Identification

Site identification is managed by our feasibility study experts under the immediate direction of our medical director. This team works in close collaboration with the regional clinical operations teams to ensure:

  • Implementation of local constrains at the onset of your project
  • Best-in-class study start-up procedures
  • Seamless transition to our clinical teams conducting the trials

Our CRAs build a personal relationship with each of the selected sites immediately following identification to enable smoother subject recruitment, data quality and site-specific subject retention strategies.

Subject Retention

Effective recruitment and retention of subjects that enroll into clinical trials is of paramount importance to the overall ability to get new medicines to market for patients with unmet conditions and needs.  

We can help you:

  • Implement a protocol-specific recruitment and retention plan for each study under the project manager responsibility
  • Develop a tailored retention plan in collaboration with our retention specialist and all key stakeholders, including our clients
  • Ensure that a protocol-specific retention strategy is identified, monitored and mitigated throughout the life-cycle of the study

Contact us today to find out how our tailored approach towards site selection and subject retention can help you achieve success in your clinical trials.

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