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Clinical Study Feasibility

Strategic clinical study feasibility assessments to ensure optimal subject recruitment and retention for the success of your clinical trial.

Clinical study feasibility is a crucial first part of the set-up of your clinical trial. Our global team provides comprehensive study feasibility assessments for your clinical trial and development programs. Our data- and evidence-based process is led by a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team, including study start-up experts, country regulatory experts, MDs and therapeutic experts. Using information from multiple sources – internal and external – we provide the data you need to make the best-informed decisions.

Why choose clinical study feasibility services from SGS?

Identification and selection of the right investigational sites is pivotal to your clinical trial success. This starts with our robust data-driven and evidence-based study feasibility process. We have developed feasibility tools that pull their information from commercial site databases, as well as internal systems capturing site start-up and enrolment data.

Data collected on sites is evaluated using a multi-factor approach, including:

  • Site infrastructure and capabilities (resource, system, experience, etc.)
  • Subject recruitment potential and past enrolment performance for similar clinical trials
  • Presence or potential for competing trials
  • Ability of the site to deliver quality data on-time
  • Site start-up timelines

The sites and countries with the highest score will be prioritized for further site qualification and selection for the study start-up process.

Based on this information and our experience, our team will provide you with critical feedback on your protocol design approach and potential of success in terms of recruitment, retention and compliance.

Multi-disciplinary Clinical Study Feasibility Expertise

Our data-driven and evidence-based study feasibility process is fully supported by a multi-disciplinary team of experts.

We provide your team with the most cost-effective country-site-subject strategy for your clinical trial. We also provide you with a critical overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your protocol design, and the optimization required to achieve your study objectives – while saving precious time and money.

Our global feasibility team will also continue to be involved in the project to ensure site engagement throughout the project enrolment and treatment lifecycle.

This can include:

  • Physician-to-physician discussions
  • Optimization of subject recruitment plans
  • Improvement of pre-screening activities
  • Engaging with referral sites and physicians
  • Recruitment campaigns

We support you and your project teams to increase the engagement of sites and subjects to ensure the delivery of high-quality data.

Contact us to discuss how we can contribute to your study and clinical development program success and help you to identify the most optimal country-site-subject approach.

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