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Integrity and Authenticity

Ensuring your food products and ingredients are pure, not adulterated, and come from their stated place of origin.

Using molecular and isotope analysis amongst other techniques, we help you ensure the authenticity and origin of food and beverages.

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Food fraud is major issue across the world. Global supply chains are often susceptible to a variety of fraudulent behaviors, such as mislabeling ingredients falsifying country of origin, product adulteration, etc.  

Authenticity and integrity are vital components for building trust in modern food supply chains. You want to know the food ingredients and products you buy are pure, contain what they claim, and originate from the country declared on the label.   

Our comprehensive range of testing services cover all aspects of food fraud identification, including species recognition, purity testing and geographic origin verification.  

Backed by a global network of state-of-the-art testing facilities and technologies, our experts will ensure your products are safe and contain only what is stated on the label.

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