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ISCC PLUS – Shaping the Future Towards a Circular Economy and Bioeconomy

Join our experts in a webinar to hear them discuss the fundamental transformation happening now towards a circular and/or bio-based economy.

Companies worldwide are undergoing a fundamental transformation towards a circular and/or bio-based economy by gradually replacing fossil raw materials with recycled or bio-based alternatives.

ISCC PLUS is one of the most popular certification schemes among companies, all over the world, to demonstrate their ambition to move towards a circular economy.

ISCC PLUS certification can help you in:

  • Fulfilling customer and/or supplier requirements
  • Good Corporate Governance (GCG): certifications like ISCC PLUS can serve as a trustworthy basis to demonstrate GCG
  • Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Enhancing market access: certified recycled or bio-based products facilitate access to new markets and can displace established products on existing markets
  • Improve overall ESG performance: certifications can serve as a basis to get better sustainability/ESG performance ratings
  • Increasing the appeal of products: increasingly consumers prefer sustainably produced certified products

Webinar Objectives

  • Introduction to ISCC PLUS: background, recent developments, and outlook
  • Benefits for supply chain actors in the chemical industry to get ISCC PLUS certified
  • A solid understanding of the ISCC PLUS requirements and its certification process

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at:

  • Chemical Industry (USA and Canada)
  • Plastic and chemical type industry
  • Processing industry using circular or biobased raw materials
  • Producers of packaging and other industrial applications
  • Whole supply chain – from raw material collection to brand owner


 This one hour webinar will cover:

  • Introduction to ISCC
  • Recent developments
  • Requirement for ISCC PLUS
  • How to prepare for an audit
  • SGS experience with ISCC certifications
  • Q&A


Jan Henke – Director ISCC System GmbH

Jasmin Droste – System Manager ISCC

Sven Theml – Business Development Manager ESG at SGS, Germany

After studying Natural Sciences at the University Stuttgart, Sven worked for several years in various positions in South East Asia in the academic sector and for NGO’s active in development assistance until joining SGS in 2010. At SGS, he is a Business Development Manager for sustainability-related services, with a focus on certifications. Sven has expertise in managing various certification schemes and developing new products and services related to sustainability.

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