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GMO Screening and Quantification: What You Need to Know

Join our live webinar to learn about digital PCR quantification of GMOs.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are of great interest to the food industry, as they have a major influence over consumers’ opinions – and the decisions they make. In recent years, specific legislation in each region has tried to address the authorization and traceability process for the introduction of GMOs, from farm to fork. These rules include thresholds at which a product is considered contaminated; lower amounts can be allowed without declaring that the product contains GMOs.

Such thresholds make quantitative testing of the utmost importance. To meet the requirements for quantitative testing of GMOs, we have developed a third generation PCR – digital PCR (dPCR) – that allows for precise and robust quantification, even when the target is present in low levels.


Digital PCR is a third generation PCR technique with clear advantages for analyzing food samples. dPCR enhances specificity and sensitivity and is less susceptible to the normal inhibitors present in food samples. In this webinar, we will show the advantages of using dPCR when screening for GMOs.


  • Problematic nature of GMOs
  • Current methods of GMO detection
  • What is digital PCR?
  • What are the benefits of digital PCR when applied to GMO detection?
  • Q&A

Target Audience

This webinar is open to everyone who wants to know more about digital PCR applications for GMO screening.

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Jennifer Buckley
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