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Product Safety Assessments

Comprehensive safety assessment solutions for cosmetics and personal care products.

Bring safe and compliant products to global markets with comprehensive toxicological risk assessment solutions for cosmetics and personal care products.

Every cosmetic product placed onto the market must be safe for use in the intended application. You must be in a position to demonstrate such safety and able to provide adequate information to authorities and consumers. Independent product safety assessments help you protect human health, business integrity and market share.

Ensure your products are safe

We provide the full range of independent product safety assessment solutions to help you successfully access target markets. Our toxicologists support you during the preparation of all aspects of the cosmetic dossier:

  • Product information file (PIF), including product safety report (CPSR), for the European Union (EU)
  • Toxicology risk assessment (TRA) for the US, Canada, Australia & ASEAN countries
  • Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report (CSAR) for China

Qualified safety assessors will look at:

  • Formulation
  • Ingredient interactions in the formulation
  • Potential hazards associated with individual ingredients
  • How products will be used by consumers/professionals (exposure: how, how often, etc.)

We can also provide guidance on the most appropriate testing methods for your requirements, so you always have the data you need to successfully reach target markets.

Why choose product safety assessment services from SGS?

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity. Wherever you operate in the world, we support you at every step of your product’s development – from raw materials to end product – helping you to deliver safe, effective and compliant products to global markets.

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