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WLA-SCS:2020 Lottery Certification

A WLA-SCS:2020 certification audit from SGS will help you to ensure lottery and betting security and integrity.

The success of lotteries and sports betting operations depends on the confidence of players and other stakeholders. Recognizing the need for an adequate security and integrity standard for lottery and sports betting operators, the World Lottery Association (WLA) created the WLA Security Control Standard (WLA-SCS:2020).

This standard aims to help lottery and sports betting operators meet generally accepted information security and quality practices, as well as specific industry requirements. It requires them to maintain visible and documented security environments and continuously improve security controls.

WLA-SCS:2020 certification will provide an objective measure of your lottery or sports betting operation’s security control and risk management performance.

Certification will enable you to:

  • Demonstrate that your processes are safe and secure
  • Develop a reputation for transparency and integrity
  • Encourage increased participation
  • Avoid fines and penalties

WLA-SCS:2020: what’s new?

WLA-SCS:2020 is the latest version of the standard, replacing WLA-SCS:2016.

The main changes include:

  • Standardization and consolidation of controls
  • Introduction of a risk-based approach
  • Additional requirements for cloud security
  • New controls for lottery technology suppliers
  • New controls for multijurisdictional games

How can SGS help?

As a leading global provider of auditing and verification services, we can help you along the path to initial certification or through the transition to WLA-SCS:2020. We will help you to understand the finer details and how they apply to your operation, as well as guide you through the changes from the previous version.

To learn more about WLA-SCS:2020: 2020, contact us.

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