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Vehicle Safety and Emission Inspections

As a totally independent provider of mechanical safety inspection programs, SGS offers solutions for fleet owners in vehicle emission control such as vehicle emission inspection.

This aims to reduce:

  • Vehicle exhaust emission: engines that are well adjusted mean combustion will be improved and therefore emission of harmful residues into the atmosphere will be reduced, with the added advantage of lower fuel consumption and less engine wear
  • Noises: perforated exhaust pipes and unauthorized horns, etc. are the main causes of noise
  • Odors: petrol or diesel oil odors are usually the result of perforated tanks and pipes
  • Visual nuisances: these are mainly caused by excessive smoke being produced by old or badly adjusted engines

The identification of motor vehicle emissions as a significant contributor to air pollution and environmental damage has required responsible authorities to seek solutions to control and monitor the performance of their vehicle fleets. Global pressures to meet emissions standards, clean air directives and the steady rise in vehicle ownership have required a response from regulators in the form of emissions control programs.

SGS Automotive Services has extensive experience in designing and operating a wide range of advanced vehicle inspection programs and associated services, for both large and small vehicle fleets. We have designed and implemented successful statutory programs for countries on four continents. Each program is a tailor-made product of SGS’s combined international expertise and strong knowledge of the local market conditions and individual market characteristics, demand and requirements.

We have become widely recognized for our vehicle inspection network management performance, involving complete modernization (facilities, equipment and personnel), and privatization of inspection programs and related activities that were traditionally operated by public authorities. Because of our very wide range of facilities and areas of expertise, when you partner with SGS, you will benefit from a consolidation of best global practice and the very latest technical advancements.

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