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Site Assessments

Wind turbine site assessment from SGS – assesses, verifies and optimizes your site to safeguard the technical and economic viability of your wind energy project.

To ensure a successful wind energy project, you need to make the right decisions from the start. Our wind turbine site assessment offers you accurate evaluations of site-specific issues to help you optimize your site and ensure the technical and economic viability of your wind energy project.

Why choose wind turbine site assessment from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Minimize risk and ensure a successful wind energy project by assessing its technical and financial viability 
  • Gain accurate and reliable evaluations and calculations of site-specific issues 
  • Develop your projects in a reliable and financially sound manner

Trusted wind turbine site assessments from a leading supplier

As a world-leading supplier of wind turbine site assessments, we offer you unrivaled expertise in wind energy projects, state-of-the-art resources and a global reach. Our vast experience stretches across every phase of a project – from conceptual development, design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning through to ongoing in-service inspections. As a result, we are your ideal partners for the entire life of your wind energy project.

Our services for wind turbine site assessment can include:

  • Preliminary data verification: providing accurate project data for input in technical and financial models
  • Technical verification: assessing factors such as turbine models, wind farm effects and terrain conditions to enable you to identify any technical issues
  • Economic assessment: detailed financial calculations and estimates to provide an overview of the overall efficiency and energy production of your wind farm
  • Optimization: optimizing all technical and financial aspects and producing a comprehensive set of reports to help you make informed decisions on the viability of your wind energy project
  • Measurements: providing on-site meteorological measurements
  • Assessments: assessing climatic conditions, environmental factors, soil conditions, gross production, load assumptions, losses due to wakes, availability, electric loss net production, energy yield and uncertainty, and design verification
  • Calculations: calculating factors such as loading, and estimating lifetime and forecast production

Contact us today to find out how our site assessment services can help you optimize your site and ensure the technical and economic viability your wind energy project.

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