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Endoscope Inspection

Endoscope inspections from SGS – maximize turbine availability and wind farm energy yields.

One of the major concerns when investing in wind farm projects is turbine availability, which impacts profitability. There is always a risk of lower energy yields from wind turbines due to standstill and repair periods. Even minor failure of a critical component can cause undesirable down-time and loss of operation. Reliability is essential for a wind farm to perform effectively and profitably.

To address this we offer endoscope inspection, an in-service inspection method to detect failures of critical components as early as possible. Endoscope inspection enables damaged parts to be visually inspected in order to determine the existing condition of the components and validate the results of the vibration measurement and/or oil analysis.

What is endoscope inspection?

Endoscope inspection, an advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) method, is a dedicated service offering involving a series of activities in which the various components of a wind turbine are inspected and monitored throughout its entire operational lifetime, as part of our in-service inspections.

Video endoscope inspection is widely used to access internal areas of restricted access without the need to disassemble surrounding structures or machinery. The technology ensures that the component or item under examination is fit for purpose. It allows the discovery of problems before they cause a major issue.

Why choose SGS?

Using our endoscope inspection method ensures that any unexpected degradation from normal conditions is detected at the earliest stage in order to prevent consequential damage to the wind turbine. We inspect wind turbine components for failures and discontinuities in order to detect any degradation from normal conditions as early as possible and thus avoid costly standstill and repair periods of wind farms.

With extensive experience and expertise in renewable energy sector on a global level, our team provides inspections, performance verification and preventive failure analyses to help maximize productivity, reduce costly downtime and meet regulatory requirements.

Ensure your wind farm performs effectively and profitably with endoscope inspection from SGS. Contact your local office for more details.

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