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ASTM and US EPA Tests

SGS performs analytical services for a wide range of commodities, including:

  • Coal
  • Fertilizers
  • Biofuels
  • Precious metals
  • Base metals
  • Industrial minerals
  • Radioactive and rare earth elements

A large number of our laboratories carry internationally and industry recognized accreditations and use ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) methods for a comprehensive range tests.

SGS is a trusted leader in testing and analytical services. We are internationally recognized for our fit-for-purpose testing and high testing standards. Analytical professionals working in our global network of fully-equipped, independent laboratories conduct tests under the strictest quality controls. The following tests are a highlight of the full scope of tests performed in SGS laboratories under compliance with standard ASTM and US EPA methods:

Analysis of Reformed GasASTM D1946-90(2006)
Apparent Specific GravityASTM D167
Ash AnalysisASTM D3174,
ASTM D5142
Ash Chemical CompositionASTM D2795,
ASTM 3682
Carbon AnalysisASTM D5373
Chlorine Determination in Coal
by the Oxygen Bomb Combustion
ASTM D4208
Coke Reactivity CRI / CSRASTM D5341-99
Cubic Foot Weight TestASTM D291
Determination of Phosphorus Content -
Ash Base or Coal Base
ASTM D2795
Drop ShatterASTM D440
Equilibrium Moisture AnalysisASTM D1412
Extraction Procedure (EP) Toxicity TestUS EPA 1310
Fixed CarbonASTM D5142
Fluorine AnalysisASTM D3761
Forms of SulfurASTM D2492
Free Swelling Index (FSI)ASTM D720
Froth Flotation (Batch)ASTM D5114
Fusibility of Coal and Coke Ash -
Reducing Temp & Oxidizing Temp
ASTM D1857
Gieseler FluidityASTM D2639
GradingASTM C33.10 (#57)
Gross Calorific Value (GCV)ASTM D5865
Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI)ASTM D409
Humidity Cell TestingASTM D5744-07e1
Hydrogen AnalysisASTM D5373
Los Angeles Abrasion TestASTM C131,
Major & Minor Elements in Coal (ICP)ASTM D6349
Mercury AnalysisASTM D3684
Micum Test IndicesASTM D3402-93
Moisture ContentASTM D2216,
ASTM D3173
Multiple Extraction ProcedureUS EPA 1320
Net Calorific Value AnalysisASTM D5865
Nitrogen AnalysisASTM D5373
Organic Sulfur AnalysisASTM D2492
Oxidation IndexASTM D5263
Phosphorous AnalysisASTM D2795
Porosity (Coke)ASTM D167-93
Potential ReactivityASTM C289
Proximate AnalysisASTM D3172,
ASTM 3173,
ASTM 3174,
ASTM 3175
Pyritic Sulfur DeterminationASTM D2492
Rainfall Leach ASTM D3987
Sample PreparationASTM D2013
Sieve AnalysisASTM C136
Sieve TestASTM D4749
Size AnalysisASTM D293
Soundness (NaSO4)ASTM C88
Specific Gravity & AbsorptionASTM D2216
Specific Gravity (Coke)ASTM D167-93
Stability / Hardness (Coke)ASTM D3402
Standard Test Method for
Shake Extraction of Solid Waste with Water
ASTM D3987
Sulfur as Sulfate AnalysisASTM D2492
Sulfur Determination in Coal by the Bomb WashASTM D3177
Sulfur In Ash (SO3)ASTM D5016
Superficial Moisture AnalysisASTM D3302
Synthetic Precipitation Leaching ProcedureUS EPA 1312
Total Moisture ASTM D2961,
ASTM 3302,
ASTM D5142
Total Sulfur DeterminationASTM D4239
Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure
US EPA 1311
Trace Elements Analysis (ICP)ASTM D6357
True Specific GravityASTM D167
Tumble Drum (Wet or Dry)ASTM D441
Ultimate AnalysisASTM D3176
Volatile Matter AnalysisASTM D3175,
ASTM D5142,
ASTM D4239
Washability / Float and SinkASTM D4371
Water Soluble AlkalisASTM D3682

Globally, SGS provides a full range of testing services in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Contact SGS for accurate results for all of your testing needs.

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