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Steel & Steel Making Raw Materials

Ensure the quality, quantity and regulatory compliance of your steel manufacturing supply chain.

Reliable inspection, testing and risk management solutions that help to reduce risk and evaluate the quality, safety and compliance of your steel and steel making raw materials.  

The high demand for steel and the raw materials makes it competitive. Quality and quantity control is essential in this trading environment.

We offer a comprehensive range of inspection, testing and risk management services for optimizing steel and steel making raw material supply chains. Whether you focus on iron ore, manganese, chrome ore or other raw materials, or semi-finished and finished steel, our experts will provide you with valuable insights that enable you to optimize your operations by improving efficiency, reducing risk, enhancing product quality, and achieving competitive advantage.  

Wherever you operate in the world, our global network of state-of-the-art laboratories and qualified inspectors will ensure your products comply with global standards, regulatory requirements and contractual obligations.

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