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Sensory Analysis

Sensory evaluation and analysis of food products and packaging from SGS measure and interpret the responses of humans based upon sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.

The sensory evaluation of food is becoming an important aspect of new product development and marketing, since it offers insights into both consumer behavior and quality assurance.

Our food sensory analysis services include consumer sensory testing for product development, as well as sensory assessment of food quality and taste. These include tests for color, taste, odor and texture that capture consumer reactions using the following methods:

  • Descriptive sensory analysis
  • Duo-trio test
  • Evaluation test with scale
  • Panel test
  • Ranking test
  • Triangular test

Based on these food sensory testing results, you can:

  • Change raw materials, ingredients and additives
  • Compare your products with those produced by your competitors
  • Define and test “best by” dates
  • Develop new products
  • Examine long-term flavor profiles
  • Grade or rate your products
  • Observe storage stability
  • Optimize your products
  • Prepare product standards

With dozens of dedicated food sensory analysis and testing facilities around the world, we have the experience, expertise and geographical reach to help you. Wherever you are based and wherever you market your goods, we can work with you to reduce product quality risks, satisfy your consumers and gain a competitive edge.

Contact SGS now to find out how our sensory testing services can help you to satisfy consumers and gain a competitive edge.

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