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Seed Safety Studies and Storage Trials

SGS’s extensive range of accurate seed testing services can help you to reduce trade risks, maximize yields and make your business more competitive.

By offering effective seed safety and seed storage trials, we not only reduce your risk but also allow you to derive full value from your resources. Our seed trials and seed amendment studies include performance evaluations for protectants, polymers and coatings plus assessments for safety and storability.

Thanks to our global network of high-tech laboratories, we can accommodate pre-treated studies, or even apply treatments on your behalf, to produce timely and accurate results. In addition, you can shape every aspect of the project to your own specifications – from the initial study through to data analysis.

Working with you, we can customize:

  • Study design
  • Replication
  • Results summary
  • Statistical analysis
  • Graphical representation
  • Final report format

Seed Tests

To help you evaluate performance in both short- and long-term storability studies, we work with a wide range of species and test methods:

  • Accelerated aging
  • Conductivity
  • Cotton cool test
  • Sand emergence
  • Saturated cold
  • Standard warm germination
  • Tetrazolium (TZ)
  • Tray cold

Using SGS to perform your seed safety and storage trials for seed amendments can deliver multiple benefits. To enhance your yields, reduce your exposure to liability and maximize the value of your resources, get in touch now.

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