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WHO GDP for Pharmaceutical Products

Demonstrate your compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) Good Distribution Practices (GDP) with a WHO GDP audit from SGS.

Demonstrate your compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP) with a WHO GDP audit from SGS.

The WHO has the most representative and universal guidelines on healthcare product storage, transportation, distribution and trade. WHO GDP certification is based on good distribution practices (Technical Report Series, No. 957, Annex 5, 2010), as well as storage and distribution (Technical Report Series, No. 1025, Annex 7, 2020). It applies to any organization that wishes to demonstrate its compliance with the stated management system guidelines for storing, transporting, distributing and trading healthcare products.

Certification sets out appropriate steps to assist in fulfilling the responsibilities involved in the distribution process within the supply chain, as well as avoid introducing counterfeits into the marketplace via the distribution chain.

Why choose WHO GDP certification from SGS?

Our WHO GDP audit services are based on the basic requirements and compare with other national practices, to enable continuous improvement for our customers.

Our certification services have many benefits, including:

  • Verifying compliance with WHO GDP requirements in preparation for regulatory inspections
  • Ensuring that pharmaceutical relabeling, repacking, storing, distributing and handling comply with WHO GDP standards
  • Demonstrating that all parties involved in the operation and supply chain meet WHO GDP requirements
  • Increasing the management level and visibility of enterprises
  • Ensuring consistent healthcare product quality in the supply chain
  • Supporting the removal of trade barriers and access to international markets
  • Enhancing a product’s competitiveness and reducing risk

Why SGS?

As the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, we are a trusted partner that specializes in quality management system audits and certifications, and offer in-depth expertise in WHO GDP.

We support you through the volume, complexity and breadth of today’s regulatory environment in a globally consistent manner. We also help all stakeholders across healthcare supply chain management and improve product quality in a globally consistent, reliable and efficient way, through services and solutions tailored to the industry.

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