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V-Label for Vegan and Vegetarian Products

Greater consumer transparency for vegan and vegetarian products.

Meet consumer demand for transparency in vegan and vegeterian product labeling with audit and certification against V-Label requirements.

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency to easily identify vegan and vegetarian products. We offer audit and certification services for V-Label – the most trusted and internationally recognized mark for vegan and vegetarian quality – as part of the V-Label license process.

What are the benefits of the V-Label?

Following a successful audit, you will receive your certificate of compliance against the V-Label requirements to support your license. This provides an advantage over your competitors and helps consumers to make better informed purchasing decisions. The internationally recognized V-Label also provides:

  • Global recognition
  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Guidance

Increasingly, certification is essential to be successful in this growing market.

What does the V-Label cover?

V-Label certification verifies the following aspects of a product:

  • Origin of raw ingredients and additives
  • Ingredients, additives and ancillaries used at each stage of the production cycle
  • Steps to avoid cross-contamination throughout production
  • Animal testing status
  • Presence of GMOs that need to be declared

Vegan and vegetarian product services from SGS

We are the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company – the global benchmark for quality and integrity. In addition to providing V-Label certification audits, based on your needs and risk assessment, we offer:

  • Laboratory testing, primarily using DNA-based methodology to support vegan or vegetarian claims with scientific evidence
  • Gluten-free certification audits against globally recognized gluten-free certification schemes
  • Research through consumer panels and home-use study to support product claims and help identify consumer behaviors, such as purchasing intentions
  • Training and consultancy services that help you understand the standards and regulations relevant to your products in your destination markets

Across the globe, more than 50,000 products from more than 4,300 licensees now carry V-Label. V-Label is an internationally recognized, registered seal for labeling vegan and vegetarian products and services, established in Switzerland in 1996. It is a reliable, go-to shopping guide for consumers.

Add value to your vegan and vegetarian products with V-Label certification from SGS. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

V Label for Cosmetics Personal Care and Household Products

V-Label Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The V-Label mark is a globally recognized mark. More than 50,000 products from over 4,300 license holders in countries across five continents carry the V-Label. A recent global consumer survey conducted by V-Label revealed that 95% of consumers associated V-Label with higher credibility of the product or brand, or both. 78% of them also generally trusted products with the V-Label mark more than products without it.

V-Label is an international organization that owns the V-Label marks. V-Label partners with SGS globally to provide audit, certification and testing services as part of the V-Label license process.

You may choose to apply for one or multiple products to include in scope during the V-Label license process.

Yes. SGS has partnered with V-Label to promote vegan and vegetarian authenticity in food and wine, on a global scale, since 2021. As the world’s leading food certification body, our partnership with V-Label reassures that the food products are authentic and meet strict standards. For further information read more.

Although both terms refer to products that do not contain animals or parts of animals, "vegan" has stricter criteria than "vegetarian." To be qualified as a vegan product, all production and processing steps must not involve the help of living animals or animal-derived products.

You are advised to speak to one of our experts first as they will be able to pre-assess if your products are eligible for the application. For further details about V-Label, you may visit their website:

V-Label has representatives in most regions, and SGS has local auditors in most countries. Therefore, we offer the widest possible coverage across the world.

Yes, we take your current certification into consideration as a part of the process, and it is possible to combine a V-Label audit with your existing audit program.

Please contact an SGS office in your country and we will be able to advise how the collaboration will be.

Consumer products carrying the V-Label mark are assessed independently by third parties including SGS. With the V-Label mark printed on the product, you can easily identify vegan and vegetarian products that are safe, non-GMO. You can find a wealth of information for consumers at

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