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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Customized Audits

Manage your pharmaceutical supply chain and remove risks with associated customized audits from SGS

From continually developing products and ensuring their storage and distribution to intensified government regulations and supplier risks, the pharmaceutical supply chain is naturally complex and highly regulated.

With decades of supply chain experience and technology, our pharmaceutical supply chain customized audits can provide end-to-end peace of mind, whatever your business or supply chain complexity.

Why choose pharmaceutical supply chain customized audits from SGS?

Our global network of experts can tailor services to meet your needs, covering a multitude of standards, regulations, legislation and schemes, including:

  • Good distribution practices
  • US FDA 21 CFR parts 210/211 (finished pharmaceuticals)
  • WHO good manufacturing practices (pharmaceutical products)
  • ICH Q7 (active pharmaceutical ingredients)
  • WHO good agricultural and collection practices (medicinal plants)

Why SGS?

As the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, we are a trusted partner that specializes in many pharmaceutical industry audits and certifications worldwide.

We support you through the volume, complexity and breadth of today’s regulatory environment in a globally consistent manner. We also help all stakeholders across pharmaceutical supply chain management and improve product quality in a globally consistent, reliable and efficient way, through services and solutions tailored to the industry.

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