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ISO 18295 Certification – Customer Contact Centers

Create customer contact centers (CCCs) that meet and exceed customer expectations with an ISO 18295 audit from SGS

Reliable and efficient customer service enhances your company’s reputation and competitive advantage.

ISO 18295 is the first international quality standard dedicated to the call center industry, replacing European standard EN 15838. ISO 18295 can help you to prove your commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement of customer service quality.

The standard comes in two parts – ISO 18295-1 and ISO 18295-2. The former outlines the requirements for CCCs while the latter describes client organization requirements that mandate the CCC. Both apply to in-house (captive) and outsourced (third-party operator) CCCs, regardless of their size, across all sectors and communication channels, including incoming and outgoing communication.

ISO 18295-1 covers:

  • Customer relationship requirements
  • Customer-focused leadership
  • Human resources
  • Operational processes
  • Service delivery infrastructure
  • Client relationship

In addition, ISO 18295-1 provides KPIs that the CCC or client should monitor, as well as recommendations on best KPI practices, goals and reporting. It also indicates the most important information that should be included in the contract between the CCC and client.

ISO 18295-2 covers:

  • Customer experience
  • The client’s relationship with the CCC

Our ISO 18295 audit and certification services can contribute to improving your CCC’s quality of service.

Why choose ISO 18295 certification from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Create value for your organization, customers, employees and CCC
  • Increase customer confidence and satisfaction
  • Improve organizational management
  • Achieve greater competitiveness and reduce costs
  • Raise awareness and improve employee skills
  • Improve problem identification and solving
  • Provide externally validated evidence of professionalism

Why SGS?

As a world-leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we offer proven experience as a service provider for the contact center industry. Thanks to an experienced team of auditors and experts, we offer a comprehensive range of ISO 18295-related services, such as:

  • Pre-audits
  • Certification
  • Supplier audits
  • The requirements and interpretation of ISO 18295 training
  • Internal auditor and lead auditor training
  • Implementation workshops
  • Mystery caller service

Contact us to find out more about how our ISO 18295 audit services can benefit your CCC.

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