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ISO 14068-1 Verification – Climate Change Management, Transition to Net Zero – Carbon Neutrality

Confirm your carbon neutrality with an ISO 14068-1 verification and validation audit from SGS.

ISO 14068-1 is the globally recognized standard for climate change management and transitioning to low greenhouse gas (GHG) emission activities. Built upon and replacing PAS 2060 (carbon neutrality), ISO 14068-1 specifies principles, requirements and guidance for achieving and demonstrating carbon neutrality through quantifying, reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint. PAS 2060 will be withdrawn 24 months after the publication of ISO 14068-1.

The global standard provides a methodology for assessing carbon neutrality, ensuring that efforts are true, fair, science-based and transparent. It also unites carbon neutral and net zero to remove doubt and provides a defined structure that supports the journey to carbon neutral/net zero.

ISO 14068-1 builds upon existing GHG quantification, reporting, validation and verification standards, including ISO 14064-1 (quantify and report GHG emissions and removals), ISO 14064-3 (verifying and validating GHG statements) and ISO 14067 (GHGs – carbon footprint of products).

We can help you achieve verification with an ISO 14068-1 audit, including a gap assessment and benchmarking. We will identify your competency and support you to achieve ongoing improvement.

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What are the benefits of ISO 14068-1 verification?

Verification follows successful completion of an audit. The benefits include:

  • Plan and achieve genuine climate management goals
  • Enhance credibility and trust in your carbon neutrality claims
  • Promote ambitious, science-based GHG emissions reduction strategies
  • Support for your carbon neutral/net zero journey
  • A comprehensive value chain and life cycle approach to carbon management
  • Builds upon existing international standards like ISO 14064-1, ISO 14064-2, ISO 14064-3 and ISO 14067
  • Contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1-16
Ensure a smooth journey to carbon neutrality
To discuss your carbon neutrality journey, contact us today.


Any entity (including companies, local authorities and financial institutions), product or service (including events and buildings) seeking to achieve and demonstrate carbon neutrality.

The standard requires carbon neutrality to be achieved through a hierarchical approach:

Commitment → select subject and boundary → quantify GHG emissions and removals → carbon neutrality management plan → GHG emissions reductions and removals → offsetting → reporting → claim → verification

No. ISO 14068-1 provides a methodology for assessing carbon neutrality, not specific emissions thresholds.
It complements other environmental standards, such as ISO 14067 (GHGs – carbon footprint of products), by focusing on carbon neutrality across many subjects, such as organizations and products.
The standard provides a structured approach to carbon neutrality, aligning with global net-zero GHG emissions efforts and supporting Paris Agreement objectives.

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